A great solution to shady gardens and terraces


Artificial grass is the perfect solution to gardens that are hard to reach or are in shady locations. If you have a small sheltered garden with limited sunlight but want the look of a lovely lush green lawn now you can.

Artifical grass is the perfect solution:

  • No more soggy lawn in the winter
  • No more yellow faded grass in the summer
  • No more expensive water bills trying to keep it maintained

Our grass is low maintenance and easy to install and with the money you could save from buying lawn feed, water butt’s watering cans and the water bill to water your lawn you will make your money back in no time!

If you have the opposite problem and you have a balcony or roof terrace but still want the feeling of grass on your feet but can’t have real grass or even if you could, watering and mowing would be impractical and hard work due to it’s location.

Then why not install our grass, it will allow you to have a roof terrace that looks green all year round and be fully functional. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a sun trap, as an added bonus you could have shade or covered areas that wont have an impact on the state of the lawn. It’s artificial it’s doesn’t need sunlight! No more patches from leaving garden furniture on the grass.

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First Class Grass Shade

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