Pet friendly and easy to maintain


Don’t be led in to thinking if you have a dog that you can’t have artificial grass. Our grass is great for pet owners that also want a great looking lawn. Why just because you have a dog should you have a shabby looking lawn? Think of all the benefits of having artificial grass with a pet.

Ditch the mower and save time and space

Small back garden

Ditch the mower and save time and space by switching to artificial grass. You can claim back the space you need to store all of the equipment needed to maintain your lawn and have a larger area of grass.

Extreme make over garden edition

Extreme makeover needed

Take a look at how this garden was transformed beyond all recognition in just a few days. The grass was up to our knees and the surface was uneven, but after some hard work the area was transformed into a great area for children that they had previously been unable […]

Jubilee fitted over a patio

New children save area for entertaining

Artificial grass project that covered a tired patio area that was unsafe for children and not suitable for a family. Take a look at how we transformed the area to create a safe area that is great for entertaining