Challenging but worth while job


First Class Grass have¬†installed some artificial grass to over 400sqm of land at a home for Autistic young men, this is going to a life changing experience for them, often small changes to the environment can make a difference, creating a sensory profile. When we first visited the home to […]

Extreme make over garden edition

Extreme makeover needed

Take a look at how this garden was transformed beyond all recognition in just a few days. The grass was up to our knees and the surface was uneven, but after some hard work the area was transformed into a great area for children that they had previously been unable […]

Regal grass replacing a natural lawn

Regal grass

The lawn we replaced was a perfectly good lawn, but the maintenance was proving to much work. You will see when you look at the gallery for this project that the finished lawn looks very much the same as the we looked after real lawn. This only goes to show […]

Jubilee fitted over a patio

New children save area for entertaining

Artificial grass project that covered a tired patio area that was unsafe for children and not suitable for a family. Take a look at how we transformed the area to create a safe area that is great for entertaining

Jubilee backgarden project

Finished artificial lawn

This was a straight forward backgarden project. As you can see it has vastly improved to the look of a small and simple back garden. Take a look at our prices and sample page


Once happy with all levels, pin down weed barrier and lift grass into place

Is our artificial grass affected by dogs or pets? Artificial grass is a great idea for replacing real grass damaged by normal household pets, including dogs. It can also be laid on a solid surface to provide a friendlier, inedible surface for your pets. It is very tough and will […]