Challenging but worth while job


First Class Grass have installed some artificial grass to over 400sqm of land at a home for Autistic young men, this is going to a life changing experience for them, often small changes to the environment can make a difference, creating a sensory profile.

When we first visited the home to carry out a site visit the area was gravelled, the residents – one in particular did not like it and used the gravel to smash windows of the property and cars which belonged to staff. The owner had to find an alternative to stop the damage being caused but also create a sense of calm, and so artificial grass was his choice, the residents were very curious when we bought the samples in, and somehow it did calm them, they liked the feel of the grass and the revamp will give them and the home a lease of life.

This was an Extremely challenging job both physically and mentally with 5 autistic residents who really are very scared of change to there routine and so they did not cope well with our fitters being there with machinery, noise and people they didn’t know. Ever the professionals that we are at FCG after a pep talk by the management and key workers daily the fitters were well aware if how to behave and what to do if the residents reacted negatively which they did a few times. Now they have a new lease of life and are very much enjoying there new artifical lawn and the positive effect that its had on the lives of the residents.


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