Ditch the mower and save time and space

Small back garden

Artificial grass has come along way since the days of carpet burns from falling over on it, fake looking carpet like surface and plastic looking blades of grass. Today it is honestly difficult to tell the difference and you will often see people touching and testing it to see if its real or fake grass.

If you have small garden with little space to store a lawn mower to maintain a small 2 meter by 3 meter patch of shabby looking turf you should look into replacing it now. A patch of artificial grass that size (2 metres by 3 metres) would cost you around £110 if you install it yourself. This is the same as the cost of a small cheap mower or 110 sacks to put your crass cuttings in for the council to take away.

Similarly, there are problems if you live in a home where you need to drag the lawn mower either through the house or the long way round to get to your front garden just to cut another small patch of lawn. The reason you do fight against ditching the lawn mover and paving the back garden or covering the front in gravel is because you like the look of grass and how it adds value to your home due to the curb appeal grass adds. Finally you can ditch the mower and avoid the grass cuttings in the hallway and change to a surface that is low maintenance and saves you having to take up space in your garden with storage for a  mower the box and all of the other garden tools you need to maintain your old lawn.

So why not call us for a price today we will be happy to help no matter how big or small your lawn is.

Todays artificial surfaces are pet friendly and a safe surface for children to play on. See our FAQ’s sections for more information about these commonly asked questions.

Small back garden
Small back garden that is hard to maintain

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