How to choose the right artificial grass installer


How to choose the right artificial grass installer?

At first class grass we are suppliers installers of artificial grass. We are incredibly proud of the service we provide and the quality of our work and this shows with our end product.

We have gained 9 years of experience when it comes to artificial grass installation, and we were one of the first and only installers of artificial grass in the whole of Sussex. This experience means we have a wealth of knowledge that we put to use when installing artificial grass and the reviews we receive via our checkatrade page back up this fact.

The increased popularity of artificial grass, as much as being great for business is equally damaging, as this has led to many horror stories of bad installation, poor quality products and lots of very unhappy people with lawns that they simply aren’t happy with. The work was carried out by companies that don’t have the same care and experience that we do and the shoddy workmanship shows in the end product.

5 years ago we were still the one of the only installers of artificial grass in Sussex but since then there are now 40+ new businesses, all claiming to be specialists in artificial grass installation. This is often the case with any industry that becomes popular quickly given the opportunity to make money quickly with very little experience and prior knowledge.

With all of that in mind we have written this article to help customers spot bad workmanship before it happens or during the process.

Things to look out for are:

1. Preparation of the ground and area to be covered.
If you have lived in your property for many years you will often know the areas of your lawn that get wetter than others and where puddles and dips occur. This can be due to a number of reasons such as air pockets, old buildings or rubble under ground as well as just being the natural lay of your land. It is important that you know these areas and that special care is taken to build up or fix these areas before work begins as failure to do so will result in dips in your new artificial lawn in as little as a few year or even months.

2. Base and drainage
The correct base for your lawn will give you a surface that will be safe for children with no lumps and bumps and good drainage. The installers should use a type 1 sub and sand compacted with a vibrating plate and wooden battens should be used to fix the grass to make sure that the grass won’t move and crease. The correct use of the aggregates will make sure that you grass drains as it should and the water doesn’t sit on the surface.

3. Weeds and weed barriers
It is vital that you take care to remove the old lawn completely and any fast growing and robust weeds that you know historically grow in your lawn. This will help avoid the re-growth of these underneath the surface of your grass which could cause your artificial grass to lift and move in time. Another cause of this could be the use of the wrong type of weed barrier. The weed barrier should be pourus to allow water to drain and moisture to flow through it and into the original ground below. Failure to use the correct barrier will result in puddles and dips in your artificial lawn.

4. Artificial grass joints
You should only use commercial grade adhesives and joining tape that is specifically designed for use with artificial grass. This will make sure the join will be invisible to the eye and will not come apart under everyday use and wear and tear. It is important that time is taken when joining the grass. This is not a quick job and experienced fitters will spend considerable time preparing and joining the grass. Failure to get this stage right will result in a poor final surface that simply won’t last.

With anything in life you get what you pay for and with us you are paying for experience and expertise in an area that we know and are trusted. If you call an artificial grass supplier or installer and they can come out and fit it within a week or even month alarm bells should start ringing. We are booked up to 12 weeks in advance due to the high demand for artificial grass, and if someone can come out quickly you need to ask yourself why?

Also as with any trade ask for examples of their work and ask for addresses for customers lawns that were installed over a year ago. This will allow you to see how the lawn looks after a considerable length of time. This in long enough to allow bad joints and poor base preparation will show. We are always happy to share this information and most people we carry out work for are more than happy to show off their artificial grass lawns.

Also take a look at their reviews on checkatrade and their websites and social media pages for images and testimonials. These are all good indicators of the quality of work carried out and will help you to make the right decision.

Please contact us for a quote we are experienced and competitively priced with other companies of the same quality and experience as ourselves. We won’t compete with the new companies with less experience than us as we don’t want to be considered alongside these companies.

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