Pet friendly and easy to maintain


Don’t be led in to thinking if you have a dog that you can’t have artificial grass. Our grass is great for pet owners that also want a great looking lawn. Why just because you have a dog should you have a shabby looking lawn? Think of all the benefits of having artificial grass with a pet.

Here are just a few:


  • Easy to see where the mess is (won’t be hidden by long grass!)
  • No more yellow patches of grass
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No more muddy paw prints in the winter from coming in from the garden
  • No more grass cuttings being brought through your home
  • No more grass stained coats
  • No more holes in your lawn from digging!


Artificial grass is a great idea for replacing real grass damaged by normal household pets, including dogs. It can also be laid on a solid surface to provide a friendlier, inedible surface for your pets.

It is very tough and will not turn yellow or be burnt by dog mess. Dog mess should be removed and then can be washed away using a mild detergent and a jet washer, sprinkler. All grasses are suitable but the shorter pile grasses are obviously a little easier to maintain.

If your looking to have artificial grass installed but want to find out more. Please feel free to get in touch today and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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