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After fitting artificial grass for several years we are now also supplying direct, the latest breakthrough technology in artificial grass. Originally designed for sports and recreational use, artificial grass has a proven record under extreme use. Now adapted for domestic use, the product has improved in texture, varied pile height and realistic lifelike shading.

Here are just a few of the reasons for having artificial grass:

  • Low maintenance
  • Creating a safe environment for children
  • Looks incredibly realistic
  • Pet freindly
  • Children can use the lawn all year round
  • Covers unsightly areas

Professionally entered the market as a long term domestic solution for gardens, roof terraces, patio cover ups and virtually anywhere outside. Being synthetic it is extremely resilient for pets and all vulnerabilities can be thrown at it.

All our products have a minimum 8 years U.V. Guarantee, though to the nature of it being such a new product, tests naturally have not been carried out over a longer period. This is constantly expanding with a trade expectancy of the product being 15 years before you see any discoloration.

Take a look at some of our recent work

The result is a realistic lawn
The result is a realistic lawn

Jubilee back garden
This was a back garden project that was created using our Jubilee grass. Please take a look at our prices page for free samples.

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Regal grass fitted to a front garden
Regal grass fitted to a front garden

Regal grass fitted to a front garden

The lawn we replaced was a perfectly good lawn, but the maintenance was proving to much work. You will see when you look at the gallery for this project that the finished lawn looks very much the same as the well looked after real lawn. This only goes to show how far artificial grass has come that it is now hard to tell the difference.

The difference is in the maintenance just take a look for yourself



Extreme makeover needed
Extreme makeover needed

Extreme make over garden edition

Take a look at how this garden was transformed beyond all recognition in just a few days. This was transformed into a great area for children that they had previously been unable to use, Now instead of staying indoors they play outside all the time.

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